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There are several reasons why you should consider buying pet health care insurance for your dog, cat, bird or any other type of pet you may have. You likely have some form of health insurance for yourself, so why not a pet? Usually, the most important concern is that you love and care for your pet and want the best for them and to stay healthy. Pet Insurance is one of the best ways to provide for them.

Additionally, there is the consideration of routine care and preventative maintenance for your pet. This can involve periodic vaccinations, checkups, prescription medications, dental checkups or cleaning, and even perhaps what most consider as simple grooming.

For some pet owners, this may save some money over a longer period of time, but it is usually considered to be optional and not widely embraced due to the likely infrequent but additional costs.

What is likely misunderstood is that routine pet care may save you more money than its costs. For example, a routine care check for your pet may involve a dental checkup. What if a pet were to develop a problem with their teeth but not discovered earlier. It may cost far more to address the problem than the cost of a pet insurance dental plan.

Across all of the above four categories, medical illnesses, injury or accident, specialized care and routine care, there are aspects that may overlap. For example, regardless of whether a pet contracts a disease or received an injury resulting from an accident, they may require special care, a hospital stay, surgery, an MRI scan and even prescription medication.

There may also be additional required visits to ensure their state of health as a component of regular care. An important consideration is to understand the difference between the categories presented and how to address them in the best way.



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